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SNS Exam

The School Nutrition Specialist (SNS) credentialing exam evaluates candidates’ knowledge and skills required to perform specific job activities related to managing or directing school nutrition programs.

The School Nutrition Association established the SNS Credentialing Program in 1997 to:

  • Enhance the professional image of school nutrition professionals;
  • Establish a foundation for professional standards;
  • Enhance individual performance; and
  • Recognize achievement among school nutrition professionals.

The SNS credential is a mark of excellence and achievement that reflects what it takes to manage school nutrition programs in today’s challenging climate.

To access School Nutrition Specialist (SNS) Exam Study Guide Resources, please review the column to the right for available resources. 

Resources available include:  

  • Exam Handbook and Application
  • Key Area 1 
    • Nutrition Menu and Nutrition Management (17% of Exam)
  • Key Area 2
    • Operations Facilities, Technology and Equipment Management (5% of Exam)
    • Food Production and Operation Management (15% of Exam)
    • Procurement and Inventory Management (5.5% of Exam)
    • Food Security, Sanitation, and Safety (14.5% of Exam) 
  • Key Area 3
    • Administration Finacial Management (16% of Exam)
    • Human Resources Management (10% of Exam)
    •  Program Management and Accountability (10% of Exam)
  • Key Area 4
    •  Marketing and Communications (7% of Exam)

SNS Exam Resources