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2021 Legislative Action Conference

Thank you to Deanne Pastva, the Legislative Chair for SNA of Ohio, and all the Ohio Delegates who attended this year's Legislative Action Conference (LAC) from March 8-10, 2021!
SNA National published the annual Position Paper (located under Pending Federal Legislation) that was virtually presented to our Legislators on Wednesday, March 10th (known as "Zooming the Hill" this year). The Ohio Delegates spoke to our Legislators about our concerns and our successes so that we can continue to have the support and funding that our operations need. Our Legislators need to hear from us directly, so we hope you can participate in this very important process next year. Industry partners and school district personnel are equally important, and we need as many voices as possible!
For all things LAC, go to:
For any questions, please contact Deanne at [email protected].

Pending Federal Legislation

State of Ohio Pending Legialation