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Food Services
Food Programs Coordinator
     -  Ohio Association of Foodbanks
     -  100 E. Broad St Columbus, OH 43215
     -  Other
 Type of Position:
     -  Full-Time
 Education Requirement
     -  High School/GED
 Experience Requirement
     -  Please Select...
     -  $52,000 to $64,000
 How to Apply/Contact
     -  To apply go to this link https://ohiofoodbanks.org/who-we-are/careers/
 Additional Description & Details:
     -   This full-time position will provide support to the Ohio Food Program and Agricultural Clearance Program, innovative summer meals programs, and other special and seasonal food programs operation and implementation. The Ohio Food Program and Agricultural Clearance Program are the Ohio Association of Foodbanks (OAF) core food programs and provide 20 percent or more of all food distributed by Ohio’s foodbanks. Innovative summer meals programs provide shelf-stable meals and supplemental perishable items to children underserved by traditional summer meals programs. Other special programs include the Local Food Purchase Assistance Program and additional programs targeting specific commodities and/or food insecure populations. This position will be responsible for tracking purchasing patterns and trends across food programs. This position will cross-train with all food program directors on all core, special, and seasonal food programs and serve as primary back-up on critical daily and weekly operations.
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