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Convention leftovers have been donated to non-profits

CLEVELAND, Ohio - After conventions leave town, their leftovers -- including carpet, paint and gardening equipment -- has been donated to local charities by SMG, which manages the Huntington Convention Center.

Join us for the Great Lake Apple Crunch! File Manager Image -> Apple_Crunch.png

The Great Lakes Great Apple Crunch is a great way to:

  • Find out about how more local foods can be served at your facility
  • Help kids learn about apples grown in Ohio (how they are grown, varieties, storage, apple products, etc.)
  • Create interest in local foods through coverage in your local news and through social media

Just take a photo of your kids biting into local apples and post the photo to the Apple Crunch facebook page!


Sign up for the Apple Crunch through the home page of the crunch ,

and don’t forget to like and share the Facebook page,



Get Recognized! Participate in the Spring 2017 Breakfast Challenge!

Schools that submit School Breakfast Participation data by April 21, 2017 and that meet the Challenge criteriawill be recognized as a “Breakfast Rising Star” or “Breakfast All-Star.   Click here for full details.  

Jan Williams, Food Service Director of North Canton city schools, was awarded the School Nutrition Foundation Scholarship in the amount $1500!  

Congratulations, Jan!                                                                 

File Manager -> Resized_20170402_202027.jpg


Participate NOW in the Spring 2017- Ohio School Breakfast Challenge!  

All schools that participate in the School Breakfast Program are eligible to receive state-wide recognition and a banner to proudly display at their school!  School Breakfast Participation Data for February 1, 2017 through March 31, 2017 must be submitted by April 21, 2017 to be eligible for the Platinum, Gold, Silver, Bronze and Rising Star Ohio School Breakfast Challenge Award! 
Click Here to Start the Survey



SNA National Election Voting is open now!

School Grants for Healthy Kids 

Applications are now open!  Schools may apply for a school breakfast grant ($500 - $5,000) to pilot or expand their school breakfast programs or a Game On grant ($500 - $2,500) to fund physical activity and nutrition initiatives. Deadline to apply is April 7.  All applications can be found by following this link and are complete and submitted in AFHK’s grant portal. 


Every Kid Healthy Week 

Since 2013, more than 3,500 school-based #EveryKidHealthy Week events have been held in 46 states, with 2 million participants. Are you joining us this year? Put your school on the map at and find resources to help you plan and promote your event and get the entire community excited and involved. The first 250 schools that register an event that includes a healthy snacking activity will receive a $100 stipend from our partner GoGo squeeZ. Plus, Kohl’s employees are eager and ready to volunteer at your school, so register your event in order to recruit local volunteers who can help make your event a success.

There are many great benefits of belonging to SNA! 

Check out 10 reasons why, here!

Take your career to the next level with SNA's Certificate in School Nutrition! Download the Certificate Program Guide or click here to view more details. 


Schools can be Recognized for the Fall 2016 Breakfast Challenge!

Let’s close the gap so ALL students in Ohio the can start their day ready to learn.  Encourage schools to give students the best start with a healthy breakfast!  Between December 1st and December 21st, 2016, School Food Authorities of ODE record will receive an email to report their breakfast participation numbers for recognition in the 2016 Fall Ohio School Breakfast Challenge.  All schools that participate in the school breakfast program and that meet Challenge criteria will be recognized asa “Breakfast Rising Star” or “Breakfast All-Star.”  Find helpful tools and resources at

Social Media Messaging:

The Ohio School Breakfast Challenge encourages schools to give students the best start w/ a healthy breakfast. #OHSBC

Be recognized as a “Breakfast All Star” or “Rising Star”, Participate in the Fall 2016 Breakfast Challenge! #OHSBC



ODH/ODA Letter of Opinion 2016-01 regarding labeling of food

Click here to see letter with the latest information

How Serving Breakfast Can Boost Student Achievement

The Ohio School Board Association hosted a webinar for school board members about “How Serving Breakfast Can Boost Student Achievement.” Elizabeth Zmuda, DO, FAAP, FACOP, and a panel of school representatives discussed the positive impact of breakfast to learning, the relationship to report card indicators, and action steps school board members and administrators can to ensure school success.   You can view the presentation and download the handouts at