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Nominate Your 2018 School Nutrition Hero!

Please consider nominating a member from your State for 2018 School Nutrition Hero! Your help is needed in identifying the 2018 School Nutrition Heroes! Do you know an SNA member who goes above and beyond his or her responsibilities to make a difference in the community? We need you to tell us about this extraordinary person.

The Celebration of School Nutrition Heroes will be held for the 5th year on Monday, March 5, 2018 during SNA’s Legislative Action Conference (LAC). We are looking for the five special SNA members who will be recognized at the Celebration. These heroes represent the commitment and passion of school nutrition professionals throughout the nation and are often the unsung heroes in our midst. They do not look for recognition but deserve to be acknowledged for making a difference in the lives of others.

Past recipients have included a woman who began two shelters for homeless in her community, a woman who helped provide clothes for homecoming, proms, and other special events for students who couldn’t afford fancy attire, a man who served a number of local food banks throughout the year, a woman who provided housing for the homeless to give them an opportunity to get back on their feet, a man who taught teens how to grow, harvest, and prepare foods, and others with inspiring stories.

We are looking for the women and men who inspire you and who serve as role models for others. To tell us about the individual that you think should be recognized as a School Nutrition Hero, go to

Deadline for nominations is Friday, October 27.  

Convention leftovers have been donated to non-profits

CLEVELAND, Ohio - After conventions leave town, their leftovers -- including carpet, paint and gardening equipment -- has been donated to local charities by SMG, which manages the Huntington Convention Center.

Join us for the Great Lake Apple Crunch! File Manager Image -> Apple_Crunch.png

The Great Lakes Great Apple Crunch is a great way to:

  • Find out about how more local foods can be served at your facility
  • Help kids learn about apples grown in Ohio (how they are grown, varieties, storage, apple products, etc.)
  • Create interest in local foods through coverage in your local news and through social media

Just take a photo of your kids biting into local apples and post the photo to the Apple Crunch facebook page!

Sign up for the Apple Crunch through the home page of the crunch ,

and don’t forget to like and share the Facebook page,



Get Recognized! Participate in the Spring 2017 Breakfast Challenge!

Schools that submit School Breakfast Participation data by April 21, 2017 and that meet the Challenge criteriawill be recognized as a “Breakfast Rising Star” or “Breakfast All-Star.   Click here for full details.  



Jan Williams, Food Service Director of North Canton city schools, was awarded the School Nutrition Foundation Scholarship in the amount $1500!  

Congratulations, Jan!                                                                 

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